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Vinyl Outdoor Labels

Vinyl Outdoor Labels

labels that will last

Our Outdoor vinyl labels are specially designed to promote your message outside in all weather conditions.

Printed using special UV stable inks, you can be assured your printed message will deliver years of faithful advertising, outside, even in direct sunlight. Perfect for bumper stickers, vehicle signage and just about everything in between.

Labels are available in many variations which are all produced with the environmental conditions they need to withstand in mind. Options to consider include – does it need to be waterproof? – is it going to be in the sun? – exposed to atmospheric pollutants?

Labels have many uses, and as such there are many different types for use both indoor and outdoor.

What’s in a Label

There are basically four layers to a label.

The adhesive, which is the sticky stuff on the back of the label that bonds the label media to the parent surface. This could be permanent or removable and a specific formulation to suit the surface like, Hi-Tack for greasy plastics, or water proof for Wine bottles or just a standard goo for general use.

The media is what the label is made of. A label can be made of paper, polyester, monomeric vinyl, high quality polymeric vinyl or even Mylar for extremely hot conditions. Depending on the label use, different medias are used to cater for the differing environmental factors and life span required.

Printed Image
What the image on the label is printed with, which can be either inks or toners. Generally speaking most of our outdoor labels will be printed using a wide format printer. This means UV solvent or latex inks. Again the technology chosen will suit the material being printed and the life span you need from the label. Occasionally we will print labels using our Colour Laser Printer. This is an option for people looking for a few months up to a year out of their label.

Laminate or Varnish
This is an over coat to protect the label media and the printed image. 9 times out of 10 we will laminate our outdoor labels. It doesn’t cost much and will extend the life of any label a long time. Laminates are a see through synthetic material that comes in matt or gloss and has a standard or long life. Varnish is applied as a liquid and used in less demanding cases.