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Self Inking Stamp Black Cat

Custom Stamps

Simplify envelopes, invoices and more with self-inking custom stamps. These Stamps can last for up to 10,000 impressions. Ink pads can be replaced or re-inked.

Stamps are available in the following sizes:

Colop P10 – 27mm 10mm
Colop P15 – 69mm x 10mm
Colop P20 – 38mm x 14mm
Colop P25 – 75mm x 15mm
Colop P30 – 47mm x 18mm
Colop P40 – 59mm x 23mm
Colop P45 – 82mm x 25mm
Colop P50 – 69mm x 29mm
Colop P52 – 30mm x 20mm

Colop P53 – 45mm x 30mm
Colop P54 – 50mm x 40mm
Colop P55 – 60mm x 40mm
Colop P60 – 74mm x 35mm
Colop Q12 – 12mm x 12mm
Colop Q17 – 17mm x 17mm
Colop Q24 – 24mm x 24mm
Colop Q30 – 30mm x 30mm
Colop Q43 – 43mm x 43mm

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