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Showing 1–50 of 92 results

Files & Folders: From Clipboards to Binders, Conquer Organisation with Black Cat Printing’s Paper Files & Folders

Life’s paperwork storms don’t stand a chance against Black Cat Printing’s diverse Paper Wranglers! Explore a fortress of organisational solutions, from trusty clipboards for on-the-go heroes to elegant presentation files for champions of polished professionalism. Whether you’re a meticulous student conquering notes, a business warrior taming client documents, or an artist corralling creative chaos, we have the perfect paper-taming ally to unleash your productivity.

Clipboards: Conquer mobile tasks with sturdy clipboards in diverse sizes and styles, ready to keep notes, reports, and sketches under control.
Clip Folders: Organise loose documents with ease thanks to secure clip folders, ideal for presentations, school projects, and keeping related papers at your fingertips.
Sheet Protectors: Protect precious documents and artwork with sheet protectors, safeguarding against spills, tears, and fading.
Insert Binders: Conquer large projects and reference materials with reliable insert binders, offering customizable organisation and expandable capacity.
Binders: From compact ring binders to heavy-duty lever-arch marvels, we have the perfect binder for every paper storm, ensuring secure storage and effortless retrieval.
Flat Files: Archive documents and artwork with confidence thanks to sturdy flat files, offering efficient stacking and long-lasting protection.
Presentation Files: Craft impactful presentations with sleek presentation files, showcasing your work with style and professionalism.
Document Wallets: Keep travel documents and essential papers secure and organized with convenient document wallets, perfect for passports, tickets, and on-the-go projects.
Convenient Shopping: Explore our extensive selection in-store.

Don’t let paper pandemonium hold you back. Visit Black Cat Printing today and discover the perfect paper wranglers to conquer any organisational challenge. From clipboards to binders, we have the files and folders you need to bring order and efficiency to your paper world with confidence and ease!